Thursday 12 May 2016

Reflections on the A-Z Challenge

I wrote a reflection post over at Fangirl Stitches.  This is pretty much going to be the same as that one, so if you're reading both of them I'm sorry for the repetition - there's only one of me to do the reflecting!

The A-Z Challenge is done and dusted for another year, and now is the time to breath and think about other things for a bit - like where I am going to go travelling next
This was my second year in doing the A-Z Challenge, and I set myself a mammoth challenge this year: cross stitch two alphabets AND write about my Harry Potter travels.  Why did I do this to myself?
  1. I've been wanting to write a blog about my Harry Potter travels for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity
  2. I didn't want to write about Harry Potter traveling under the Fangirl Stitches blog since that one is linked to my online cross stitch store
  3. I wanted to get back into blogging on the Fangirl Stitches page (after being absent for about 6 months)
  4. I couldn't choose between the two cross stitch alphabets!
  5. Which all led to a crazy, busy, whirlwind month and a half.
Onto the reflections:

I completed the challenge on all three projects - which is the most important thing.  I managed to include all my favourite (and least favourite) places in the Harry Potter tour, along with photos and screenshots. I have a few other places to add that didn't fit into the alphabet, which I will get to soon... I hope!  Both stitched alphabets are also finished and you can see them over at Fangirl Stitches.

I met some new people and discovered some new blogs.  I've shared a few of my favourites over at Fangirl Stitches.   I didn't visit nearly as many as I wanted to, and didn't get back to visit people as regularly as I wanted to either.  Moving, not having internet for a few days in the lead-up, Easter, travelling, work, as well as trying to finish to cross stitch alphabets AND write two blogs took up most of my time, leaving very little time to read and comment on other blogs.  I'm hoping to do the Blogging Road Trip and get back to visit some of the ones I missed/didn't read enough of, as well as find some more to read.  Thank you to everyone who visited my blog, even if you didn't leave a comment.  Big thanks to those who did leave a comment, and those who managed to visit regularly.  I take my hat off to you.

I got back into the whole blogging thing.  Hopefully it will stick with me a bit longer this time!  I'm  not sure how regularly things will be posted to this blog now that the challenge is finished.  I do want to write about the places that didn't make it into the A-Z Tour, and this blog will give me a place to "geek out" over things like going to Comic Con (which I will be doing twice this year!).

I'll certainly do the challenge again next year, although again I'm not sure if I will do it here as well as at Fangirl Stitches.  It will depend on if I have another tour/adventure theme I can come up with.  I could always go into more detail on the studio tour - there's enough there to fill an alphabet I'm sure!

Happy travels,