Tuesday 5 April 2016

D is for Dartford Crossing

D of the A to Z Tour of Harry Potter Film Locations is the Dartford Crossing.

The Dartford Crossing is not really a tourist attraction.  In fact, it's not a tourist attraction at all.  It's a tunnel and bridge that crosses the Thames to link Dartford in Kent with Thurrock in Essex.  As you drive from Dartford to Essex, you go through the tunnel.  You drive over the bridge on your return journey.  I used the crossing quite a number of times while I lived in the UK.  I stayed with a friend near Darford for a few weeks when I first started working in Essex, and then once I moved I drove over/through the crossing to visit friends back in Kent.  Have to say, I do not miss the traffic that accumulates on the bridge/tunnel.  It's also one of the few toll points in the UK.

The Dartford Crossing featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 as part of Hagrid and Harry's escape route.  You remember the scene - they were flying Sirius' motorcycle, fleeing from Death Eaters, trying to make their way to the Burrow where Harry (and everyone else) would be safe.  Hagrid decides the safest option to try and lose the Death Eater is to fly through a tunnel, straight into on-coming traffic.

The entry to the tunnel is Dartford Crossing.  The bridge (and its very heavy traffic) can be seen in the background as Harry tries to control the motorbike after they've left the tunnel.  Interesting fact - the interior of the tunnel seen in the film is actually Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool.

One of my friends told me it was nightmare for the locals when this scene was being filmed - the Crossing was closed for ages that night, with traffic backed up for hours, and the locals not having a clue why.  It was only when the paper reported it a couple of days later that they found out.  Warner Bros were very secretive throughout their filming process - trying to avoid hoards of stalkers and crazy fans I suppose.

Another interesting fact - it's really not easy to try and photograph the tunnel entrance while driving/sitting in the car!  The bridge itself is best viewed from Bluewater, a shopping centre in Dartford.

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I'm also completing the A-Z Challenge over at Fangirl Stitches, where I am cross stitching both a Pokemon and a Supernatural alphabet. D is for Dragonite and Dean Winchester


  1. I'm not sure I would enjoy driving on it :) That was an interesting fact about it being closed for the filming and the locals not being aware of why. That would be a bit frustrating if I was a local using that road :)


  2. I'm loving your posts! Love being able to see pictures of the places, too! What a fun adventure!!!

  3. I can't say enough at how much I am enjoying these posts Ros.