Thursday 28 April 2016

X is for Not Crossed Off - the ones I've missed

Yes, I cheated with that one.  But it's the first one I've really cheated with (I don't count "R"), so I think I'm doing pretty well to have got this far! :) 

In our A to Z of the Harry Potter Filming Locations, X is for the ones I haven't crossed off my list - the places I'm yet to visit. and my reasons for another trip to the UK in the future.  This post is going to be jumping over the place a bit so hold onto your broomsticks.

Fourth Form Room, The Old School, Harrow School, Middlesex
Flitwick's Charms classroom was filmed in the Fourth Form Room at Harrow School in Middlesex.  It is a working school, and therefore only open to the public for tours at set times each year.  Each time I looked it up thinking "I'll plan a visit", it was only to discover that I'd either just missed the tour, or it wasn't for another 6 months.

Rannoch Moor Railway, Scotland
As mentioned in the J post, Rannoch Moor was used for sections of the Hogwarts Express journey.  Rannoch Moor is really only accessible by railway.  The train runs from Glasgow to Fort William, which made it a bit difficult to plan a trip, given that I needed a hire car for the rest of my trip in Scotland, and Fort William doesn't really have car hire options. 

Spean Bridge Railway Station, Scotland
Spean Bridge Railway Station, north of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands, was used for the Hogsmeade Station in The Half-Blood Prince.  I'd driven through Spean Bridge before I realised it and missed the station completely. 

Grassington Moore, Grassington, Yorkshire
Grassington Moore in Yorkshire was used as the backdrop for the Lovegood house.  One of those out-of-the-way places I didn't get to.  Another time.

Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool, Merseyside
The interior of the tunnel Hagrid and Harry fly/ride through in The Deathly Hallows, part 1 was filmed in Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool.  The tunnel is part of a toll road, and since I wasn't heading to Liverpool for anything else, I didn't make it to the tunnel. 

It's going to be an interesting trip trying to fit all these places in next time.

Over at Fangirl Stitches I'm cross stitching two alphabets for the challenge - Pokemon and Supernatural themes.  I didn't even have to cheat for the X post... well, only slightly!

Happy travels


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